¡No! ni mergas...

¡No! ni mergas...

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constantly thinking about life 
i’m drowning in a sea of sorrows
we are the kings and the queens
our love is insanity
why are you my clarity?
why are you my remedy?
somebody mixed my medicine 
i like crazy people who don’t give a fuck
just don’t give a fuck
nobody said it was easy
take a wish be a bitch
don’t worry, don’t cry, drink vodka and fly
how fucking interesting tell me more
sad teens with happy faces
hope is a bitch
let’s pretend we’re happy
let’s all get drunk and forget about the world
lost and confusion, like an illusion
everybody lies, no exceptions
lies, lies everywhere
don’t you worry child
who cares?vodka is my wife
sad teens with happy faces
you’re my sweet desaster 

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biebs ≫ you

✿ cool story bro ✿

✧ queen godmez rules my world ✧


⇨ miley’s bitch ⇦

≪ 5 boys are my drug ≫

☆ i am walking like a champion ☆

professional life f*cker✌

♡ N O T H I N G ♡

P I Z Z A ≫ Y O U

No B O Y F R I E N D, No P R O B L E M.

⇦ live your life ⇨

i can listen to you…

random bios


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  1. but my mom says i’m cool
  2. hello stalker
  3. vc ta aqui pq sua amiguinha tava conversando cmg né?
  4. que lindo seu fc,agora me segue
  5. my pussy is the power
  6. nao tenho pau mas me siga do mesmo jeito
  7. qual sua raça amiga
  8. me is better than u
  9. you say drugs i say (your idol here)
  10. you never be royals
  11. don’t worry be sexy
  12. you?who?
  13. antes twerk do que quadradinho de 8
  14. fuck me all day all night
  15. give me everything

twitter bios


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• i love the way you make me feel

• tell me a lie

• let me live that fantasy

• so let me give your heart a break

• dont you ever say, i just walked away

• let it go

• forget the haters

• summertime sadness

• he knows everything there is to know

• i will love you unconditionally

• call me miss movin’ on

• and we’ll be burning up like neon lights

• all i need is a beauty and a beat

• i dont wanna dance alone

• this is real, this is me

• when the daylight comes i’ll have to go

• we’re too young to know about forever

• i was born this way

• everything that kills me makes me feel alive

• am i sleep, am i awake or somewhere in between?

• as long as you love me

• and we danced all night to the best song ever

• keep tellin’ me that im yours